You can enter a playlist link, playlist ID or even a video link from the playlist!
This only works with playlists with upto 500 videos.
How to Find Out How Long a YouTube Playlist is?

Searching for YouTube Playlist Length Analyzer or YouTube Playlist Time Calculator tool? Then you have exactly stumbled upon the right page because that's why we have created this site. YouTube Playlist Length Analyzer tools allow you to calculate the Length Of the YouTube Playlist.

So what you need to do to find out How Long is a YouTube Playlist? or how to calculate Playlist Length?

The answer is quick, simple, easy, and straightforward; all you need to do is copy the URL of the "YouTube Playlist" and "Paste" it in the input box given above and tap on the "Get Length" button.

How To See How Long A Playlist Is On YouTube

In a flash of seconds, the Total length of the YouTube playlist, basically its Total Playlist Duration, will get appear along with the Average length of the video and other details (as seen in the screenshot given below).


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is list of few common question that was asked by users, hope it will help.

  1. Here is check Youtube Playlist hours. First copy your Playlist URL and paste in above input field and press submit
  2. Then you will see number of lines of infromation with data about playlist like Average video length, total length in hours etc
  3. From this information, read about Total length in hours.

YouTube playlists do have some limitations, Here's the information:

  1. Number of Videos: Each playlist can contain a certain number of videos. As the limit is around 5,000 videos per playlist.
  2. Video Length: Videos in a playlist can be of varying lengths, but they must adhere to YouTube's maximum video length of 12 hours.
  3. Playlist Titles and Descriptions: There might be character limits for playlist titles and descriptions, but these limits were quite generous.

YouTube playlists have a limit on the number of videos they can contain, rather than a specific limit on the number of songs. The limit for videos in a playlist is around 5,000 videos. Since songs are typically represented as videos on YouTube, this would indirectly translate to a limit on the number of songs in a playlist.

YouTube playlists have a limit of around 5,000 videos per playlist. Since each video in a playlist could be of varying lengths, there isn't a specific "maximum playlist length" in terms of total playtime. The limitation is primarily based on the number of videos.

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